Major Residential Development Approved at Bayswater Road, Oxford

Planning permission has recently been granted for a residential development of 52 dwellings (40% affordable), together with the creation of new access roads, the provision of open space, parking garages and landscaping at Bayswater Farm, on the north eastern flank of Oxford. The application for permission fell to be determined by both Oxford City Council and South Oxfordshire as a “cross-boundary” application a small part of the overall site fell within the City Council and the City Council was given nomination rights to two of the dwellings within the scheme to mitigate the loss of two vacant semi-detached properties within the City’s boundary. South Oxfordshire’s Core Strategy specifically allocates the larger portion of the site for development, albeit it was silent as to the number of units to be provided. Permission was granted subject to a s106 agreement, to ensure the provision of affordable housing and contributions in respect of play space and bin provision.

Developer: Cala Homes (Chiltern) Ltd