JPPC Secure Residential Permission in South Oxfordshire Village

JPPC has recently been successful in getting planning permission for a pair of semi-detached dwellings in a rural village in South Oxfordshire – Stoke Talmage – where the last new house was built many decades ago.  The number of places where SODC will accept new housing has increased – ask JPPC for details.

Amendment to General Permitted Development Order 2015

Following recent amendments to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order, the ability to convert offices into dwellings under permitted development has been made permanent – originally, the right was a temporary one and was due to expire in May 2016. Under the amendment to the Order, local authorities can consider noise impacts upon the intended occupants of the development. Where prior approval is granted (or where the local authority deems that it is not required) the change of use must be carried out within 3 years.

Planning Permission for new Residential Scheme in Oxford

JPPC have obtained planning permission (in outline at this stage, with only landscaping details reserved for future approval) for a development of 6no. 2-bed flats, along with private amenity space, car parking as well as bicycle and waste storage on land to the rear of Between Towns Road in Oxford. Oxford City Council were satisfied that the development proposed would make an efficient use of an underused site (previously a car park) and that a residential development would be a suitable re-use of the site. The development was judged to provide good standards of internal and external amenity for future occupants, with a suitable level of off-street car parking.

Permission Granted for Replacement Dwelling in Cotswold AONB

Cotswold District Council has granted planning permission for the erection of a replacement dwelling, along with a garaged and associated landscaping, within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty bear Stow-on-the-Wold.

The existing dwelling benefits from the fallback position of being able to be extended significantly under permitted development whilst the proposed replacement seeks to offer a similar range of accommodation, albeit offering a much better quality development, along with landscape improvements.

Client: Mr and Mrs L Berman

Architect: Adam Richards Architects

Landscaping: Portus and Whitton Landscape Architects

JPPC Welcomes Two New Members of Staff

JPPC are pleased to welcome two new members of staff to the Consultancy.

Alex Cresswell joins JPPC as a Senior Planner from Kemp and Kemp LLP, having previously worked at West Oxfordshire District Council.

We are also delighted to welcome Natasha Ireland to the Consultancy. Natasha joins us from South Oxfordshire District Council and takes up the position of Associate.

JPPC Successful in Appeal for 18 Residential Units at Milton

JPPC has been successful at appeal.  Planning permission has been granted by an appeal Inspector who agreed with our case that the construction of 18 houses at Milton near Didcot would represent sustainable development.  Vale of White Horse District Council had refused the scheme on the basis that they considered there to be overriding landscape harm but JPPC was able to show that greater weight had to be given to the benefits of the scheme and that any landscape harm would be relatively minor.  Therefore on balance planning permission was granted.

Successful Planning Appeal at Milton Common

JPPC has been successful in convincing a planning Inspector to grant planning permission following SODC’s refusal of consent for what amounted to a replacement dwelling but not on the site of the original house.

JPPC gave persuasive reasons as to why the replacement house would be better sited elsewhere and the Inspector agreed.

Bints Yard, Northmoor

West Oxfordshire District Council has resolved to grant planning permission for 8 new dwellings (5 of which are intended to be affordable) on an existing industrial site at Chapel Lane in Northmoor, subject to the completion of a legal agreement to secure the affordable housing.

The scheme makes use of a derelict site, whose former use was for storage and haulage. Members and Officers agreed that the proposed use would enhance the character of the area, bringing about significant environmental improvements and result in lessened pressure on the local road network when compared to the existing lawful use of the site. Whilst Northmoor is not identified in the current local development plan as a location where such a scale of new housing would be acceptable ordinarily, a clear benefit was demonstrated in the provision of affordable housing to maintain local services.

Architect: TSH Architects Ltd

Client: AWBS Ltd

Planning Permission Granted for new Infill Dwelling at Drayton

Vale of White Horse District Council has granted planning permission for a 3-bed family dwellinghouse on an infill site within a Conservation Area.

The Council’s Officer accepted that the gap between two existing houses was not important to the understanding of how the Conservation Area had developed over time and was content that the design of the dwelling would be acceptable, by virtue of its careful siting and the proposal’s use of vernacular features.

JPPC submitted the planning application and prepared a justificatory statement, including a consideration of how the character of the relevant part of the Conservation Area has changed over time.

Architect: The Anderson Orr Partnership

Arboricultural Consultant – Venners Arboriculture

JPPC successful in South Oxfordshire Caravan Park Appeal

JPPC has successfully convinced an appeal Inspector that the conditions which South Oxfordshire District Council had applied to a caravan site were excessively onerous and not required.  As such the approved caravan site at Moreton near Thame can now have more caravans and be open for longer each year than was going to be the case.  Other excessive conditions relating to a Construction Traffic Management Plan and a log of visitors have also been deleted.