Northend House – Replacement Dwelling

Northend House

Project Details

Developer & Design: Brookes Cavendish Ltd (Henry Smith)
Viability Reporting: Savills
Arboricultural Advice: Heritage Tree Services
Ecology: John Wenman Ecological Services
Contamination and Soils: Ground Investigation Services (Southern) Ltd

JPPC is often asked to help with individual houses.  This might be houses in gardens, or other infill site and frequently comprises proposals for replacements for outworn houses.  We are able to advise on sizing and siting houses to planning requirements for any particular area after an assessment.  This example individual new house at Northend was actually a replacement for outworn workshop buildings in the Chilterns AONB.  Via a careful set up to the planning application and addressing likely issues we were able to obtain planning permission for this 8,000sqft house with fabulous views of the countryside from the hilltop location, but with a fully fitting yet modern and well equipped house that meets planning policy expectations. 

The developer has now completed the house most successfully in accordance with the designer’s (Henry Smith) well mannered and Chilterns specific design – the meticulous attention to the flintwork is to be noted.  Issues concerning ecology, access, landscaping and trees were addressed in this case as well as overcoming the change from a protected employment site to a new housing site in this somewhat remote site where a new house would not ordinarily have been permitted.