Sculpture Park – Albion Fields

Following a prolonged period of discussion with SODC about the merits of allowing an outdoor sculpture park, we are pleased to see that Albion Fields at Little Milton was able to open to the public during the summer of 2021.  The application was contentious due to the uncertainty of what a diverse range of sculptures would look like in a field on the edge of the village which lies in the Oxford Green Belt, where development is generally restricted, and also within the setting of the conservation area and listed buildings including St James’ Church.  Now that the park is open (by pre-booking only) we feel that the scheme can be shown to have no negative impacts as had been feared.  The sculpture park is displaying a number of pieces of interest, which will be able to change next season.  People are used to interpreting drawings of houses and other buildings on planning applications and this was an interesting project to get across to local people and the local authority.