Soho Farmhouse

JPPC has recently secured planning permission for the provision of an additional 55 hotel guest rooms with associated structures at Soho Farmhouse, Great Tew. These will all be new buildings and comprise 5 Cook House Rooms, 10 Walled Garden Cottages, and Ten pod type structures housing 4 units each that base their architecture on upscaled traditional farmers Pig Arcs set within an extension of an existing woodland landscape. The developments have been carefully designed to integrate successfully within the existing site, with significant benefits to ecology and the local West Oxfordshire economy.

Walled Garden development

Other Consultants:

Michael Ergatoudis, Development Director, Soho Farmhouse

Client: Soho House Group

Architect: In-House Build Ltd

Transport Consultant: PFA Consulting

Landscape Architect: Portus+Whitton

Arboricultural Consultant: Lockhart Garratt